BIO: David Ingber

David Ingber was born in Los Angeles in 1969. He has been studying and experimenting in art since1988, starting in the art department at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, California. It was during this period when David first came in contact with Contemporary Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe. He was so moved by the beautiful stones and penetrating images that he traveled to Zimbabwe to sculpt among these masters. After a year and a half of travel through 13 different countries in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, David finally realized his vision when arriving upon Harare. He visited Chapungu Sculpture Park where, after demonstrating his stone carving abilities, was offered an invitation to sculpt along side some of Zimbabwe’s finest carvers. Half a year later, David returned to Los Angeles to open Expressions in Stone Gallery where for three years exhibited works by some 25 artists he represented in Zimbabwe along with his own work.

Since Expressions in Stone David moved his focus toward an installation project consisting of hand-built ceramic dwellings called “CITY”. Inspired by the cave dwellings of the city Cappadocia in Turkey and the works by Hundertwasser and Goudi, “CITY” is a study in organic architecture. It’s fluid lines and dark, rough exterior draw the eye closer as the viewer is lead inside these structures where a smooth colorfully glazed surface are revealed.

Most recently David has moved into the realm of “wall art”. Using handmade paper, ceramic tile, metal, and magnets, David has created an interactive experience where tiles, that are magnetically attached to the canvas, can be moved around by the viewer. The art is ever changing and allows the viewer to be the artist. The backgrounds are colorful and organic is shape. There are interactive and non-interactive versions available.






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